About GFBI

Background to GFBI

GFBI was established in 2018 by Dr Rachel Ward, Prof. Bob Stevens, James Flynn and Andy Kerridge with a single goal to build a global food Blockchain platform that all of industry can use.

We are a not for profit organisation looking to blaze a trail of open innovation that benefits the global food industry by establishing easy to use blockchain standards that can be integrated into industry systems.

We see a future where the consumer can really know where their food comes from and what is in it.

We want everyone in the global food supply chain to participate in a positive, coordinated effort that delivers safe food of known provenance and that is environmentally sustainable to our markets and to our consumers.

We believe that trusted information on the food we eat should come as standard and we are organizing the information and technology providers to the worlds food supply chain to make this a reality.

We need passionate, committed people to help us deliver a truly industry driven solution that works for all food chain stakeholders and consumers.

We also would like to engage with technology providers who work in the software or hardware technology areas of food safety, traceability, provenance, environmental and analytical data.

If you are in RFID, barcode scanning and other food data driven applications please get in touch to find out how you can get involved.

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