We are an Independent, Food Industry Initiative.

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About GFBI

Welcome to the Global Food Blockchain Initiative (GFBI). We are a food industry consortium focused on one common goal:

To improve food safety and security by facilitating a common approach to a global food blockchain.

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The Problem

Governments and food businesses strive to improve food safety and security. However, the default behaviour is to operate in self interested information silos. This prevents effective communication and transparency in food safety incidents and food recalls. This also inhibits information flow to consumers and the wider food chain.

History has proven that this task cannot be solved by governments or individual businesses alone. As an industry wide issue, it can only be solved by working together and innovating to reduce risks, costs and increase opportunity…

Rewarding those who do the right thing can result in increased food safety as well as increased profitability and business growth.

The Solution

We believe that global food safety and security can become a reality by bringing food chain stakeholders together to create one system that everyone can use.

Blockchain technology provides the ideal mechanism to transform food safety, food security, traceability and more. We want to bring together farmers, processors, packaging companies, retailers, software and hardware technology providers and Internet of Things (IoT) providers to achieve this .

Global Food Blockchain Leadership Forum 2018 – 11th April 2018 – Nottingham Trent University

How You Can Get Involved

GFBI runs regular events and work programmes that are helping prove the technology and organises project work streams that contribute to open source technology that everyone can use and improve. Here are some of the activities you can get involved with:

For more information about any of the above please contact us.